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This area showcases details on our site release verions.
Currently our site is released to a version 2.0.1. Our previous version was 1.0. There has been a major change that has been done from the previous version. The complete site structure has been modified and new links has been added.

Doted designs version history Release date [dd-mm-yyyy]
version 1.0.0 22-11-2011
version 2.0.1 01-07-2012

What’s new in version 2.0.1

The following were the changes incorporated

  • Dynamic menus
  • AJAX Forms
  • Better design and fresh UI
  • CSS3 compatibility
  • Dynamic widgets integration
  • 980 column layout
  • Google map integration
  • Notification support
  • More spacious contents
  • Stylized icons
  • Admin panels for the clients
  • And much more.

About version 1.0

This version of the site was more static and the layout was fixed 1020px. There were many css related bugs in the designs which made it harder to debug and maintain. There were no dynamic contents for this version. No widget support was provided.

We are ready to help you with your solutions

DotedDesigns develop pages for our customers not just to satisfy them, instead we build trust in our customers and maintain a long term relationship with them in their success and development.

Feedback from our customers

DotedDesigns developed us stunning pages which elevated our business to better heights. Thank you doted designs